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How to Find a Good Place to Hunt Deer in your Local Area July 31 2014, 0 Comments

Figuring out how to find a good place to hunt deer is hard work.

Ideally, you want an area without a lot of traffic from other hunters, partially because it's hard to shoot a buck when the guy in the tree next to you is already taking potshots, and partially because you want to stay away from novice hunters who will shoot at anything that moves.

But of course, you can't just walk up to any block of land and start hunting. You need to know that there are deer around, and that you're allowed to hunt them, before you set up your treestand.

When you're trying to find a good place to hunt deer, these top spots are where you should start your search.

Public Hunting Grounds

Many experienced hunters will recommend you avoid public hunting grounds, because they're usually filled to the brim with other hunters making it hard - and often dangerous - for you to hunt in the area.

This is true enough, but also remember that more human activity in the grounds will cause more deer movement. A moving deer is easier to spot, and setting up in the exact right position is less important when deer are being chased away from their usual paths by the noisy amateur who is keeping up a loud conversation with his friend.

Leasing Land

This is more the norm for experienced hunters. When you want to find a good place to hunt deer, try looking for a place to lease. This is quite expensive for lone hunters, but if you have a hunting buddy, or better yet, a hunting group, it can be a very cost-effective way of getting guaranteed ground for hunting.

Asking Permission

Here's a weird idea: you can actually ask people for permission to hunt on their land! I know, I know, it sounds like a crazy scheme, but it's the tried and true method used by hunters all over the world. The process is fairly simple. If you notice or suspect there are deer on a large private property, you meet the owner and ask them if they would mind you taking care of them. Farms in particular will often want crop-chewing deer controlled, so it's a win-win for both parties.

Remember you are asking them for a pretty big favor, to be allowed on their land when you're essentially strangers. Make sure they know you'll treat their land with respect, closing gates behind you and staying away from livestock, and maybe even offer them a cut of any deer you kill. It pays to be polite.

When in Doubt, Check Craigslist

Good old Craigslist. always there to help you out. Craigslist can be a great way to find a good place to hunt deer. Many property owners will create listings indicating that they have deer on their land, and they either want to keep them under control, or want money in exchange for hunting rights. Both of those sound very useful for a hunter without a place to hunt.

End the constant search for a hunting spot that isn't crowded out by the early birds who got there first. Snoop these places out to find a good place to hunt deer without all the fuss.

And once you've found some deer-filled land to call your own, why not check our range of treestands to find the one that best suits your area?

Good luck, and happy hunting!

The Most Popular Tree Stands January 21 2014, 3 Comments

We hosted several forum discussions across different sites, including,, and We wanted to get the overall opinion of the hunting community. We asked the question “What’s your favorite type of tree stand?” The results are in! There were just under 500 responses from dedicated hunters like yourself, giving their opinion on their favorite type of tree stand, and further discussion led to talks about their favorite tree stand manufacturer and also their favorite model of tree stands.


Here are the results:

Hang On Tree Stands 209

Climber Tree Stands 132

Ladder Tree Stands   114

Tripod Tree Stands     7


The consensus and comments on the Hang On tree stands is that they are easy to set up, light weight and portable. Hunters stated that they want to be able to set up quickly and having the ability to be mobile is a great advantage. As you can see the Hang On and the Climber tree stands won out over the Ladder and Tripod deer stands. Several hunters mentioned with the hang on tree stands they are easily hung so they are camouflaged within the boughs of a tree.

Many of the hunters mentioned that the ladder stands are too heavy and cumbersome causing them to have a couple of people to help set up the ladder stands as they come in one piece. This is understandable if you are a hunter that likes to be on the move and have several different hunting spots to find their quarry.

There were not a lot of comments regarding using the tripod tree stands, again, these stands are not portable and need to be set up and left in place. The tripod stands are great for places such as the desert or prairie where there are not a lot of trees to set up a tree stand.

As hunters know, depending on which part of the country you live in determines the taste of the venison. If you are in the Heartland the deer are corn fed making their meat sweeter, if you are in the desert there really isn’t much to eat other than sage and other brush and if you are in the North East the deer eat berries, pine and other grasses. Each area in the United States lends to a different taste in the meat.

The tripod stand being the best choice for desert or prairie hunting due to the lack of tree cover, however, hunters like to move about not only in their own specific hunting area but hunters go from one section of the country to another depending on what they are wanting to hunt. Desert deer also tend to be smaller due to the lack of good food that is available.

This was a very interesting forum and the results were interesting to see. This shows that most hunters that participated like to hunt within a wooded area wherein the wide-open spaces of meadows, deserts and prairie areas do not appear to be as popular.

The hang on tree stand was the winner’s choice which demonstrates the average hunter likes to be on the move, moving with his quarry and being able to set up quickly if need be.

We appreciate all of the hunters that participated in our survey! We would love to continue the discussion within the respective forums. If you’d like to continue the discussion with the staff in the forum click here, if you’d like to continue to talk with us within click here, and if you’d like to keep the chat going on click here.


Thanks again everyone, happy hunting, and don’t forget, Hunt From Above!

Bow Hunting + Tree Stands = A Perfect Match August 16 2013, 1 Comment

Bow hunting tree stands

Bow hunting can be much more challenging than hunting with a rifle for several reasons, but the biggest disadvantage can be easily solved with the use of a tree stand. Any rifle hunter knows that they have the ability to effectively and accurately hit a target from over 500 yards away. The average bow hunter on the other hand is required to be somewhere between 20 to 60 yards to be able to reach his target with any accuracy. In this article we’re going to be discussing the most prevalent reason why a bow hunting stand from should be on your list of equipment to bring on your next hunting trip.

Making the Kill Shot


For this particular article we’re going to include hunting deer along    with other larger game animals. When making a so-called “kill shot,” it’s highly important to hit the deer accurately for several reasons. The obvious reason for great shot placement is that you want the animal to go down quickly and as painlessly as possible. If you’ve ever seen a deer get hit by an arrow, you should know that it doesn’t fall straight down and just lay there, but instead it quickly takes off in any direction and can go over 100 yards before it actually goes down. The most effective kill shot is located in the shoulder area and directly behind it through the heart and lungs; the target is going to be the size of a 12 inch paper plate.

The reason I’m connecting this with bow hunting stands, is because without a stand it’s nearly impossible to get close enough to make an accurate shot, without scaring the animal. If you have one of the best ladder stands for bow hunting  and you are a decent shot, then you now have the opportunity to get above the deer’s field of vision so that he wanders within range allowing you to make an accurate kill shot.

Bow hunting stands from also give you the advantages of having a better field of view, so that when you do shoot a deer, you will be able to have a better field of view to see where the animal lands. Another fact that many hunters aren’t aware of is that a shot that enters your target from above and exits the animal from below leaves a nicer trail of blood, allowing you to track and recover the animal easier. These reasons and many others are why bow hunting and tree stands make the perfect match!

Special Thanks to the Hunting community! July 15 2013, 2 Comments


We at have had so much support from the hunting community in our short existence. Considering our site has not been up long we have received a great amount of support from the hunting community we serve! We want to thank all of you for showing us the support you have already and the support you will for the years to come! We especially want to thank Jody and Jeremiah Stanley over at We want to especially thank Jeremiah Stanley for all of his support and help with the guest blog post. We would like to encourage all to check out our guest blog post on their site. The blog post can be found under Scoping for the Perfect Tree Stand. The article is a great read for any hunter or anyone interested in hunting! Their site is great for hunting information and hunting tips. We encourage all to check their site out and sign up for their newsletter!


Again, Thank you hunting community for your support. Know that we at appreciate all of the warm welcomes and positive feedback you have given us so far!


Thank You,

Lets talk tree stand types July 01 2013, 0 Comments

Hunter Tree Stands sells top quality tree stands for the avid hunter.They carry climber tree stands, ladder style, hang-on and Tri-Pod  (great for meadows). As a hunter the last thing you want to do is waste a lot of time setting up your tree stand. However, you do need to scope out the area in which you are hunting first to find the perfect tree that is straight and has the fewest limbs in which you have to cut and navigate.

The climber tree stand is your number one choice and our number one seller. These climber style tree stands are easy to use once your tree is limbed or has no limbs. Connecting the climber tree stand to the tree is easy and is designed with the chair and platform in one piece. When you sit in the chair and use your legs on the platform you inch your way up to the desired height for your hunting.  The climber tree stand is very mobile and easy to carry as well as it can be quickly set up on the right tree.

For the hunter who likes to hunt with his or her friends our ladder tree stand  can seat from 2 to 4 people depending on the model you choose. These ladders tend to weigh a little bit more due to the seating, however, they are comfortable and with your hunting buddies you can cover the entire open area you are looking at for deer to come roaming by. The ladder tree stand comes in one piece and is easily put in place.  Some of our models can even have an attached blind  for added camouflage. 

One of tree stands is the Hang-On  or Lock-on  tree stand. This is one of our most popular type of tree stands where the seat and the footrest are attached to the tree.  You will have to be a climber in order to attach this style to your favorite hunting tree and the Hang-On tree stand does not come with climbing tools, steps or climbing stick  so you will have to purchase these separately. This is a lightweight tree stand weighing between 10 to 20 lbs providing the hunter with a comfortable padded seat for those long waits.

If you have never used a Tri-Pod  tree stand you will enjoy this. These tree stands are also blinds and are perfect for those open meadows where trees are few and far between or the trees in your favorite hunting area are not climbable.  With the use of a blind cover  you will be protected from the elements and this tri-pod stand can also be purchased as a quad-pod if you want more stability. These stands are definitely not portable so you will need to keep it up all year round.  This is a great way to get your trophy deer used to the stand being in one place all of the time.

No matter what type of tree stand you need, no matter what kind of region or area you hunt.  has all of the tree stands and tree stand related products you need. We're the tree stand specialists. Launches! June 28 2013, 0 Comments has launched!

We at are here to provide all of the hunters out there a place to not only buy quality tree stands but also learn about all of the different tree stand makerstypes, models and fine details about tree stands. Not only do we offer quality hunting treestands for sale we also have created a large and detailed technical resource all specifically on tree stands. That can be found here:Tree Stand Technical Resource  In our technical resource you will find a huge amount of technical guides all specifically about tree stands and tree stand safety. We have built this site for hunters and outdoorsmen to not only buy guaranteed top quality tree stands but to also learn all that they can about tree stands.

We want to welcome you to the place specifically made for hunters all about tree stands, that was built by hunters that know just about everything that has to do with tree stands. When it comes to tree stands is not only the place to buy but the place to learn! We want to welcome you to! We hope to spread our expertise on tree stands, help you make an educated tree stand purchase, and earn your business as well!

We will keep this post short and to the point.

In future posts you will find the following:

  • More tree stand specific articles similar to our Tree Stand Technical Resource
  • Tree Stand Manufacturer Product Manuals, such as this
  • Press Releases from the Manufacturers we sell
  • Details about Trade show and conventions related to Hunting and Tree stands
  • Tree Stand Manufacturer Association Information such as this click here
  • And Much More!

We appreciate you checking out our site and we look forward to earning your business, spreading our knowledge and becoming more apart of the wonderful hunting community.

Thanks for checking out our site and our post. Lets stay connected. Click: Twitter  and Facebook


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