The Most Popular Tree Stands January 21 2014, 3 Comments

We hosted several forum discussions across different sites, including,, and We wanted to get the overall opinion of the hunting community. We asked the question “What’s your favorite type of tree stand?” The results are in! There were just under 500 responses from dedicated hunters like yourself, giving their opinion on their favorite type of tree stand, and further discussion led to talks about their favorite tree stand manufacturer and also their favorite model of tree stands.


Here are the results:

Hang On Tree Stands 209

Climber Tree Stands 132

Ladder Tree Stands   114

Tripod Tree Stands     7


The consensus and comments on the Hang On tree stands is that they are easy to set up, light weight and portable. Hunters stated that they want to be able to set up quickly and having the ability to be mobile is a great advantage. As you can see the Hang On and the Climber tree stands won out over the Ladder and Tripod deer stands. Several hunters mentioned with the hang on tree stands they are easily hung so they are camouflaged within the boughs of a tree.

Many of the hunters mentioned that the ladder stands are too heavy and cumbersome causing them to have a couple of people to help set up the ladder stands as they come in one piece. This is understandable if you are a hunter that likes to be on the move and have several different hunting spots to find their quarry.

There were not a lot of comments regarding using the tripod tree stands, again, these stands are not portable and need to be set up and left in place. The tripod stands are great for places such as the desert or prairie where there are not a lot of trees to set up a tree stand.

As hunters know, depending on which part of the country you live in determines the taste of the venison. If you are in the Heartland the deer are corn fed making their meat sweeter, if you are in the desert there really isn’t much to eat other than sage and other brush and if you are in the North East the deer eat berries, pine and other grasses. Each area in the United States lends to a different taste in the meat.

The tripod stand being the best choice for desert or prairie hunting due to the lack of tree cover, however, hunters like to move about not only in their own specific hunting area but hunters go from one section of the country to another depending on what they are wanting to hunt. Desert deer also tend to be smaller due to the lack of good food that is available.

This was a very interesting forum and the results were interesting to see. This shows that most hunters that participated like to hunt within a wooded area wherein the wide-open spaces of meadows, deserts and prairie areas do not appear to be as popular.

The hang on tree stand was the winner’s choice which demonstrates the average hunter likes to be on the move, moving with his quarry and being able to set up quickly if need be.

We appreciate all of the hunters that participated in our survey! We would love to continue the discussion within the respective forums. If you’d like to continue the discussion with the staff in the forum click here, if you’d like to continue to talk with us within click here, and if you’d like to keep the chat going on click here.


Thanks again everyone, happy hunting, and don’t forget, Hunt From Above!