Lets talk tree stand types July 01 2013, 0 Comments

Hunter Tree Stands sells top quality tree stands for the avid hunter.They carry climber tree stands, ladder style, hang-on and Tri-Pod  (great for meadows). As a hunter the last thing you want to do is waste a lot of time setting up your tree stand. However, you do need to scope out the area in which you are hunting first to find the perfect tree that is straight and has the fewest limbs in which you have to cut and navigate.

The climber tree stand is your number one choice and our number one seller. These climber style tree stands are easy to use once your tree is limbed or has no limbs. Connecting the climber tree stand to the tree is easy and is designed with the chair and platform in one piece. When you sit in the chair and use your legs on the platform you inch your way up to the desired height for your hunting.  The climber tree stand is very mobile and easy to carry as well as it can be quickly set up on the right tree.

For the hunter who likes to hunt with his or her friends our ladder tree stand  can seat from 2 to 4 people depending on the model you choose. These ladders tend to weigh a little bit more due to the seating, however, they are comfortable and with your hunting buddies you can cover the entire open area you are looking at for deer to come roaming by. The ladder tree stand comes in one piece and is easily put in place.  Some of our models can even have an attached blind  for added camouflage. 

One of Huntertreestands.com tree stands is the Hang-On  or Lock-on  tree stand. This is one of our most popular type of tree stands where the seat and the footrest are attached to the tree.  You will have to be a climber in order to attach this style to your favorite hunting tree and the Hang-On tree stand does not come with climbing tools, steps or climbing stick  so you will have to purchase these separately. This is a lightweight tree stand weighing between 10 to 20 lbs providing the hunter with a comfortable padded seat for those long waits.

If you have never used a Tri-Pod  tree stand you will enjoy this. These tree stands are also blinds and are perfect for those open meadows where trees are few and far between or the trees in your favorite hunting area are not climbable.  With the use of a blind cover  you will be protected from the elements and this tri-pod stand can also be purchased as a quad-pod if you want more stability. These stands are definitely not portable so you will need to keep it up all year round.  This is a great way to get your trophy deer used to the stand being in one place all of the time.

No matter what type of tree stand you need, no matter what kind of region or area you hunt.  Huntertreestands.com  has all of the tree stands and tree stand related products you need. We're the tree stand specialists.