Special Thanks to the Hunting community! July 15 2013, 2 Comments


We at Huntertreestands.com have had so much support from the hunting community in our short existence. Considering our site has not been up long we have received a great amount of support from the hunting community we serve! We want to thank all of you for showing us the support you have already and the support you will for the years to come! We especially want to thank Jody and Jeremiah Stanley over at Simplehunting.org. We want to especially thank Jeremiah Stanley for all of his support and help with the guest blog post. We would like to encourage all to check out our guest blog post on their site. The blog post can be found under Scoping for the Perfect Tree Stand. The article is a great read for any hunter or anyone interested in hunting! Their site is great for hunting information and hunting tips. We encourage all to check their site out and sign up for their newsletter!


Again, Thank you hunting community for your support. Know that we at Huntertreestands.com appreciate all of the warm welcomes and positive feedback you have given us so far!


Thank You,