Bow Hunting + Tree Stands = A Perfect Match August 16 2013, 1 Comment

Bow hunting tree stands

Bow hunting can be much more challenging than hunting with a rifle for several reasons, but the biggest disadvantage can be easily solved with the use of a tree stand. Any rifle hunter knows that they have the ability to effectively and accurately hit a target from over 500 yards away. The average bow hunter on the other hand is required to be somewhere between 20 to 60 yards to be able to reach his target with any accuracy. In this article we’re going to be discussing the most prevalent reason why a bow hunting stand from should be on your list of equipment to bring on your next hunting trip.

Making the Kill Shot


For this particular article we’re going to include hunting deer along    with other larger game animals. When making a so-called “kill shot,” it’s highly important to hit the deer accurately for several reasons. The obvious reason for great shot placement is that you want the animal to go down quickly and as painlessly as possible. If you’ve ever seen a deer get hit by an arrow, you should know that it doesn’t fall straight down and just lay there, but instead it quickly takes off in any direction and can go over 100 yards before it actually goes down. The most effective kill shot is located in the shoulder area and directly behind it through the heart and lungs; the target is going to be the size of a 12 inch paper plate.

The reason I’m connecting this with bow hunting stands, is because without a stand it’s nearly impossible to get close enough to make an accurate shot, without scaring the animal. If you have one of the best ladder stands for bow hunting  and you are a decent shot, then you now have the opportunity to get above the deer’s field of vision so that he wanders within range allowing you to make an accurate kill shot.

Bow hunting stands from also give you the advantages of having a better field of view, so that when you do shoot a deer, you will be able to have a better field of view to see where the animal lands. Another fact that many hunters aren’t aware of is that a shot that enters your target from above and exits the animal from below leaves a nicer trail of blood, allowing you to track and recover the animal easier. These reasons and many others are why bow hunting and tree stands make the perfect match!