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Choosing which type of tree stand is the right one for you or the tree stand that is most effective for you depends on several factors. Being able to choose the correct tree stand can be the difference between wasted time, money, stress and the difference between getting the kill or not.

One important factor to consider is the environment. For example, if your hunt zone only has a particular type of tree that doesn't have a smooth trunk and is covered with branches, then a climber type of tree stand would not be for you. Perhaps, a ladder tree stand instead.

Another factor to consider is your ability to climb. If you are not physically capable of climbing or just don't feel like it, then a climbing tree stand would not be best for you. But maybe a tripod or ladder tree stand instead.

A factor also greatly important in choosing the right tree stand for you is the height you are comfortable at, compared to the height needed for the environment.

Lastly, a crucial factor to consider when choosing your tree stand is the type of weapon you are using on your hunt. Depending if you use a bow or a rifle can be a determining factor in which tree stand you use. Although any weapon can realistically be used with any type of tree stand bow hunters tend to like hang on tree stands.


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