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The hang-on tree stand, also known as lock-on tree stand or in some cases fixed position tree stand is one of the most popular because of its versatility. It comprises a seat and a footrest that are attached to the tree. However, hang on tree stands also require a method to climb the tree in order to setup the tree stand. To climb the tree, tools such as climbing steps or a climbing sticks are needed when using a hang on tree stand.

The hang on tree stand is versatile because it is relatively light, usually 10 – 20 lbs and can be used in most trees. The weight variation compared to other types of stands is due to the size of the seat and footrests. The size of the seat and footrests also change the weight between models of this type of tree stand.

The cheaper, lighter models have a small-unpadded seat and footrests, which can be very uncomfortable if you are spending many hours sitting in your tree stand. The larger padded seat models are much more comfortable however, add more weight due to the extra padding.

The advantages of this tree stand type are, versatility, weight, useable in most tree, quiet once hung on, and easy to carry and change kill zones. Some models enable hunters to purchase one seat and multiple hang on devices to allow the hunter to simply pick the seat up and move to another hang on device.

The disadvantage to hang on tree stands is that you need to carry steps or a climbing stick  as well in order to hang the stand and then access it.

The hang on tree stand is perfect for the hunter that prioritizes versatility and doesn’t mind carrying climbing sticks or climbing steps. Overall, the hang on tree stand is a great type when you choose to Hunt From Above.

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