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Ladder tree stands are great for hunters that want a sturdy and a more permanent solution. They can carry up to two maybe three hunters depending on the model. But because of this extra space and comfort they tend to weigh more. Because of this weight they are often transported to the tree of choice via ATV and assembled. Although, they can be disassembled, moved, and setup at another location they do not provide the same mobility of a hang on or climbing tree stand.

Ladder tree stands comprise of a ladder with a stand or seat at the top of the ladder. The stand or seat at the top is built into the ladder so that the ladder is always attached to the stand once it is assembled. The ladder usually comes in several three or four foot sections and the stand height varies up to about 20 feet high.

Ladder tree stands are great for people who don't want to climb up trees, avoiding limbs on the way, or feel insecure at height. The ladder tree stand can also incorporate a large seat or platform which can be padded for additional comfort. Some stands also accommodate a skirt or blind or roof to help make you more inconspicuous and provide some protection from the weather. Clear advantages to the ladder tree stand are, safety, stability, comfort, and easiness for the hunter to get into and out of. Depending on model of course, another benefit to ladder tree stands is with their size, stability, and safety, ladder tree stands can enable hunters to share the tree stand, whether a parent with child, or friend with their buddy.

If your looking for a somewhat permanent solution and a stand that is very stable, safe, and can at times carry more than one hunter, the the ladder tree stand is for you. If mobility, ease of setup and take down is your priority ladder tree stands shouldn't be your first choice. However, with its advantages and disadvantages ladder tree stands are a great type to use when the hunter chooses to Hunt From Above.


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