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We want to provide the equipment needed to hunt from above. We also want to ensure you have the right equipment to have a successful hunt but more importantly a safe hunt. So we have created this tree stand safety guide to help put some things into perspective and to ensure our hunters are aware of some of the dangers when using tree stands.


           Tree stand accidents account for 36% of all hunting accidents.


With those statistics, it is obvious why tree stand safety is so important.

Accidents can be caused by:

- Permanent stands that are nailed into the tree, which in time rots and becomes a danger

- Old or weakened wooden steps collapse causing injury or death

- Old or weakened stands can collapse resulting in injury or death

- Wooden steps or stands eventually get a slippery growth on them causing slips and falls

- Climbing a dead or diseased tree


Before using a tree stand:

- Check for metal fatigue on all joints and welds

- Check metal stands for rust

- Check for missing bolts or nuts

- Check wood for rot

- Check for deterioration due to poor storage


Between the time of 1987 and 2001 A team of medical researchers in Pennsylvania carried out a study on tree stand accidents. They studied the databases of emergency rooms and trauma centers. During that time 280 hunters received treatment for tree stand falls. Of the 280 hunters, 6 died after falling from their stands. The main findings from the study were:


- The highest rate of falls were in the 50-59 year age group

- The median height for the falls were 18 feet

- 63%, or 176 hunters had some alcohol in their blood

- 10%, or 17 hunters were legally intoxicated


When it comes to tree stand safety, the biggest defense of tree stand accidents is the wearing of a safety harness, preferably, a full-body harness. In a study, only 15% of hunters wear a safety harness, although studies in other parts of the country report figures up to 30%.

Remember to use a fall restraint system, which is any device that hunters use to attach themselves to the tree to keep them from falling to the ground in an uncontrolled manner. It also allows a hunter to safely descend to the ground after falling.

A full body harness has straps under the legs and over the shoulders that are designed to keep you upright if you are involved in a tree stand accident. The wearing of a full body harness doesn't guarantee you won't have an accident. However, it minimizes the potential for serious injury.

It is your best asset in tree stand safety.