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We're here to support you, the hunter. We want you to make the right decision that is not only going to serve you, not only provide a great hunting experience, but most importantly, keep you safe. So we made this tree stand buyer guide to help aid our hunters with the information for them to make educated decisions. A tree stand buyers guide is important when buying a tree stand.


The first consideration in buying a tree stand is the type of environment you are going to hunt in. If your hunting involves several types of environment, you may need more than one type of tree stand.

The Environment - Click for details


The second consideration for buying a tree stand is your personal comfort needs.

Comfort - Click for details

- How long are you going to be seated?

- What is your body shape, particularly the bit going on the seat?

- How comfortable do you want to be when sitting?

- How much protection from the elements do you want?


The third consideration is your capabilities with respect to heights and fitness:

Safety - Click for details

- How high are you comfortable climbing?

- How high are you capable of climbing?

- How fit are you to safely accomplish the climb?


Hope this helped!

We hope this buyer guide gave you great insight, tips, and some knowledge on what to consider when buying a tree stand. And when you've found what you need, there's no better place to buy. We offer hassle free and fast shipping on all hunting tree stands and we never charge you sales tax. We're always available to answer any questions or concerns you have. And if this buyer guide didn't answer a particular question you had please feel free to contact us and we'll do our best to help.