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Once you have decided on the type of tree stand that fits your needs, the next consideration is the level of comfort you need. We outline each tree stand type and details on the level of comfort related to each stand.

Hang on tree stand - As these stands are essentially only a seat and a footrest, they offer limited comfort. The most important part is the seat the level of padding it has. The cheaper models have minimum padding, so the price may be initially attractive, but that will soon wear off after a few hours sitting on them. It is better to pay a bit extra money and have a thick padded, comfortable sized seat that you can sit on comfortably for hours. Some of the cheaper models also have a small footrest area which can also mean a cramped sitting position. Remember you will be spending many hours sitting on it, so you don't want to be focusing on how uncomfortable you feel your attention should be looking out for the deer. The seat should be able to fold up or down, so you can alternate between the sitting and standing position.

Climber tree stand - These stands have two parts a chair and a footrest, to enable you to put your weight on one part, while you lift the other part up, enabling you to inch your way up the tree. These types of stands offer a high level of comfort, and range from a basic chair, to a soft and comfortable lounge type of seat. You can choose from many levels of comfort, which is usually reflected in the price. When using these types of stand, you will either face the tree, or be facing away from the tree for hunting. Some stands allow you to choose the direction you hunt from. Also check the size of the seat to ensure it will accommodate the size of your body. The different models made by different manufacturers come with a variety of features such as shooting rails, foot rests, camo padding, detachable gear bags, scent-proof seats, multiple seating positions, different heights, safety harness included, back pack straps, sit down and stand up climbing, quick attach and removable seating, climbing seat opens and swings out of the way for better bow shooting, extra wide seats etc. These various features allow you to choose your level of comfort and style of hunting. If you look at our detail product listings it will usually tell you what features are included in your tree stand. Some features can be seen in the product pictures also.

Ladder tree stand - The ladder tree stand is essentially a seat attached to a ladder. The level of comfort is determined by the seat size and padding on the base and armrests. Ladder tree stands come as one or two person ladder tree stands.


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