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The environment is a very important consideration when choosing what tree stand to use. We have laid out various considerations and tips to aid you in choosing the tree stand type you use.

If the hunt zone your going to hunt is in woods that have trees that are relatively straight with few limbs up to the height and you are comfortable climbing, then a hang on stand or climbing stand is suitable for your hunt. You can also choose a ladder stand for this type of environment. Your decision about which stand is better will depend on your climbing capabilities, fitness, and hunting strategy.

If you want to be mobile and carry your tree stand with you and be able to hang it in several locations in one day, then a climbing stand is preferable.

If you have done some pre-season scouting and have identified your tree, you will probably want to put your climbing steps in prior to the hunt and have a hang on stand. There are climbing systems available that attach to your boots to prevent putting in climbing steps, so you can adapt this strategy so that you can be mobile and also carry a hang on stand.

 If you have carried out pre-season scouting and have identified your tree, want a stand that is stable, and you don’t want to have to climb up the tree itself, a ladder tree stand is your best option. It can be carried in on the day of the hunt, but is more successful if it is in place prior to the hunt.

If you have carried out your pre-season scouting and have identified the area you want to place your tree stand, and there are no suitable trees, or you want stability and protection, possibly for more than 1 person, a tri pod tree stand is your best option. It does mean you will probably need an ATV or 4x4 to transport it in, and it will probably remain in the same location for at least the season because of its lack of portability and also so the deer or your choice of game can get used to the tripod stand. For this reason, you need to choose you site very carefully.

If the area you are going to hunt in has trees with lots of limbs or low hanging branches, and you don't want to bring out the chainsaw, then a climbing tree stand is unsuitable for your hunt zone.

You can however, use a hang on tree stand in this environment if you are comfortable climbing.

You can also use a ladder stand if you can find a tree that has no limbs up to the height of the ladder tree stand, on the side of the tree you wish to place the stand. If the branches are small that are in the way, these can be cut away prior to placing the ladder tree stand

A tripod tree stand can also be used in this environment

If the area has no trees or no suitable trees for example in the brush country, then you will need to use a tripod tree stand.


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