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Tree Stand Manufacturer's Association or also known as TMA is a non profit organization that has set out to establish safety standards for the hunting and specifically the tree stand industry. Tree stands that are certified by the TMA are commercially designed using the highest quality materials, and tested to meet high standards.


The TMA specifically devotes its resources to tree stand safety. It endeavors to improve tree stand safety by education in the proper use of tree stands, the development of tree stand harness test standards, manufacturing quality control and the promotion of mandatory use of a Fall Arrest System specifically, a Full Body Harness.


Further, the TMA requires its members to actively seek certification of conformance to association standards on all treestand harness products. Product certification is published on the TMA web site and also publicized within the hunting population to assist the consumer and Retailer/Buyer in their selection of products meeting these standards. TMA Members who have conformed to all TMA Standards are authorized to use the three (3) TMA registered trademarks in marketing their products. Product testing and certification is accomplished by independent testing firms.