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Expert Advice

Choosing the type of tree stand you should use for your next hunt depends on your hunting style, personal situation, geography and personal preference.

When to use ladder tree stands

Ladder tree stands are great if you want to setup once and leave it for the season. Are you going to be hunting with a friend, spouse or child? Two person ladder tree stands are great for sharing with a fellow hunter.

When to use hang on tree stands

Like the climber tree stand, hang on stands are prized for their mobility and ease of use. A hang on stand is best used if you want to setup in multiple trees and plan to roam from tree to tree. Or if you plan to be on the move and try your luck from various shooting positions. Don't own the land? Don't risk your tree stand getting stolen, use a hang on stand. Simply pick up and leave. Hang on tree stands are preferred by the hunter on the move or without their own land.

When to use climber tree stands

Much like the hang on stand, climber tree stands are loved for their mobilty and lack of clunky setup. Climber tree stands are favored by the hunter that just want their stand in one hand and their bow or gun in the other. Climber tree stands do require decent upper body strength in order to shimmy up the tree, so make sure to do some curls before you leave for your hunt.

When to use tripod tree stands

Tripod tree stands are tree stands without the tree. Tripod stands are a perfect example of taking your geography into count when choosing the stand for your next hunt. Live on the prairie? Hunting in Africa? Tripod tree stands are perfect when your hunting area lacks trees. Simply pop up the stand kick out the legs and Hunt From Above, without the need of trees.