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Why it's best to Hunt From Above:


The key to landing your prey is staying undetected. Hunters throughout time have used camouflage to stay undetected, and carefully stalk in order of keeping quiet to avoid startling their prey. The big game animals use an acute sense of smell to further inspect an area to determine if it's safe. Because of this the professionals often use scent-controlling products in order to gain another advantage over their prey. In total, our prey rely heavily on three senses. Eyesight, sound and smell.

Using tree stands offers benefits and tactical advantages to hunters that use them. The tree stand is a vital tool in the hunter's arsenal of tools and weapons. The use of a tree stand offers a solution to combat the prey's senses.

Big game animals first use their eyesight.

The hunter's use of a tree stand increases his height over his kill zone. This gives better visibility over a bigger area compared to being on the ground. Because of the elevated height the hunter can be more concealed from the prey's field of view. Out of sight, out of mind. If the hunter is out of sight he's out of mind. The elevated position gives the hunter a tactical advantage by increasing the hunter's range of vision and reducing the prey's. The tree stand's increased height advantage enables the hunter to see his prey before the prey sees him. This gives the hunter a huge advantage. Especially when a big trophy midwest whitetail is in your sights and every last second can make the difference between a good hunting story and the record books.

Second, big game animals use their sense of sound.

The use of a tree stand increases the hunter's efforts to combat their prey's sense of sound. In some situations, the increased height creates a greater distance between the hunter and his prey. This distance helps mask the hunter's movement. But more importantly the tree stand provides the hunter greater movement. With this greater movement the hunter can comfortably position himself better for the kill shot. The hunter doesn't risk making sound by crunchy snow or noisy leaves. This reduction in sound increases the advantage for the hunter by utilizing his tree stand tool during his hunt.

Lastly, big game animals use their keen sense of scent.

By using a tree stand, the elevated position also raises the hunter's scent above the ground and minimizes the scent trace. By reducing the scent trace the hunter is less likely to give off their scent to their prey and therefore increases their chances of securing their kill.

Outside of improving the hunter's tactical advantage, the use of tree stands can make the long hours of their hunt more comfortable. Using tree stands also provide the option of some protection from rain, wind and/or the cold. This protection can range from a canopy over your head to a hunting blind with a heater. When the weather is hot, a canopy can provide shade so you can stay cool while your waiting for your prey.

With all these benefits, it may seem like you can't go wrong just hanging your tree stands and waiting for your prey to come along!

However, there are a lot of skills and experience needed in selecting the right stand, and then also hanging it in the right place, at the right time.

We go into more details about the tree stand types, choosing the right treestand and the best practices for hanging them in other technical guides.