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Hunter Rescue Fall Arrest Descender Device
Hunter Rescue


was $379.99

Quick Overview

Nobody ever expects to fall out of their treestand, but when it happens, you want to know you can get to the ground in safety and on your own terms. The Hunter Rescue Descender allows you to get down to the ground with ease.


Model :Hunter Rescue Fall Arrest Descender Device
Recommended for:Hunters who want total safety and control when getting down to the ground.
Safety Harness Features:Lightweight aluminum, Reusable, Works in all weather, Maintenance free, Manufacturer Lifetime Warranty, and Made in the USA.
Manufacturer Warranty:Lifetime.
Dimensions:30 ft of rope
Weight:4,700 min. breaking strength
Product Includes:Descender Device.

Light weight aircraft grade aluminum. Works in all weather--rain,snow, heat and cold. Reusable, the only descender that will allow you, your kids and grand kids to practice using the device without having to buy a new one each time. You control your descent. It works when you want it to work, not when the device thinks it should work. In other words, if you fall on the stick side of your lock on, do you want to be able to climb back in or climb down, or would you rather bounce down the sticks in automatic mode? Ease of operation. Pull on the lanyard to come down. Release lanyard to stop. Maintenance free. Wash it with soap and water. If the arm moves, the device works.

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This super strong descender has a minimum breaking strength of more than 4900 lbs, and you can reuse it time and time again, allowing you to practice with the device without needing to purchase a new one each time. Just pull the lanyard to go down, and release to stop. You control your descent. If you need to shift out of the way of a rogue branch, you can stop and adjust yourself before continuing down. Trust in your Hunter Rescue Descender to get you down to the ground in safety.

TMA Certified Product.

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